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petak, 8. travnja 2011.

Gypsy ( 8 april - Gypsy day)

  1. Gypsy. I was born in  dilapidated hut of planks in a cold night.Nobody not born.For forward to my parents have been  mouth  be eat.Mother of birth pain is not felt the icy wind that blew through the cracks clogged white paper. They say I cried,  only looked startled  this dark, cold world where  Found.mother wrapped in a cloth while my brothers and sisters calmly stared  the bundle. The father shook his head and took them  in order t collect something for dinner. Grew up playing in garbage broken dishes, stoves parts, car .... I was barefoot and almost always hangry.All around was dirty.I'm dirty  walked through the endless hills trashes.Than'd saw the sky, lay down and watched it. What was I clean.Seen toys  promote, the house with bright windows behind which they play screens, clean and happy children.Seen shops with windows full of all kinds cookie,. smiling  good people rejoice that I'd meet.Floats ships around  silence and I would steeling leaving behind poor Gypsy colony.Stand  and stand. Was geet and I shot the gun the other boats which I have met ... ... ..  dusk, make me aware, shouting inmates and at what bubotku would work in our booth, roughly sober. I had five year.Mother has managed preserve me from the street and keep the house. No enimore.In morning father shook  and told me to stand up and go  the brothers and sisters. - Time-said-. Other children  earning considerably.  Sent for his family in cold, foggy morning. I quickly learned how  beg, from whom I can get money from anyone ne.I give is an insult and stone.Remember is an old lady who give me a warm sandwich and stroked his hands trembling elderly ,.member the eyes of its good , warm, and wet.Hold sandwich, while my tears slivale series face.Don!t know why I cry. After than anything not felt the desire toobtain for  much money  my father  satisfise. Were lined days.Go  morning and returned late night. In the mrning .standing  the street watching the children go school: passed next to me, pure, clean, cheerful talking, not noticing .Want   see how it looks go to scool.. Look  around-my brothers and sisters  not here..When   front the large white building , looked through window.Alli sat in the benches and  nice tall women something they explain.Sometime children lifts his hands and something. Say.. Know that I wanted to be with them.Ringing... all ran out and began  play.Watch fascinated by their gaim..Strongly  I wanted play.Come closer .They so.Run .My heart jumping. I think want  play with me.But no! Rocks!!!.Someting throw ugly, horrible ugly seying.Run.U ears we sum embarrassment, humiliation and the heart pounding to the rhythm of racing steps.For me, rocks and shouting: ¨ Dirty Gypsy. "I ran... Noise faded. I have escaped im.Set  on panting at the adjacent wal.Strangers are we throwing money..It is me! Here is my place! I raised my head saw clear skies with white clouds, which are slightly steeling.Look! Someone smiles! Look: a man walks up supporting staff, raising the hat when he saw me and welcomes me.Tamo still flies buildings full of children: all of us and smiling  to me.Call me!!  See that their faces not be feared. Enabled hand catch me.Stand up.Try to catch them in the hands but I always gain up.Just one more step and I'll fetch them! Her's another one! The boy walked edge high wall without seeing the danger which he comminate.Bedroth his hands to reach children who wanted to play with him.Each moment it seemed that they would fetch, and every moment of his move back ... .... In the morning they found dead near the wall is a little small boy.He diad.Decease is to not even lived.

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